A Brief History

About Advesa

"Advesa Charitable trust" was started in october 2008 with a moto to serve children from economically backward families, through reading and knowledge based methods. A free children's library started by Dr C.Shanthi in March 2008 was included as the main project and other projects like awareness programmes, holiday workshops along with education scholarships took shape within the first year of this venture.


The library functions between 5 to 7pm Monday to saturday, where reading is encouraged and desktop computers have been installed recently to improve their computer skills.  With the help of "Jeevodaya" in whose campus the library is located, Advesa has been providing facility for reading and learning through the children's library; conduct various awareness programmes and workshops with the help of volunteers, artists and professionals from various fields and support educational expenditure for children (5-10 per year) from inception. We are also proud to say that our Library members have been trained to write and publish in our annual magazine 'Chudar ' which we release during every annual day. Post 2015 floods, through 'Eco-Kalam' project flood prevention and environment care ideas are shared with children along with tree plantations. In addition special courses like Yoga classes happen in the library, imparting ways of healthy living.


Dr C. Shanthi  is the managing Trustee and two more trustees Mr Subramonian ( advocate) and Ms Lally Ganesan ( Retired Govt officer) are part of this work. Mrs Sushamma Vijayan is the librarian who is the backbone of the library. ‘Jeevodaya’ has been the pillar of support and motivation for us. We are all glad that we have been able to maintain and sustain this work with the help of many friends, donors and well-wishers over the years.