Origami once more, on popular demand!

You might remember that our friends from ‘Yuga Design’ conducted an origami workshop for kids at Mathur in our Alphonsa Children’s library last year. It was such an interesting program that the kids wanted to do it again. Thanks to Saravanan, Vinodhini, Jegan, and Dilip all had fun-filled origami again on last Sunday Jan 20th.

Saravanan showed the kids how to make a jumping frog, a caw cawing crow, a dog that shakes head and their famous Crown cum Nehru cap out of small pieces of color papers. They brought the paper material for the kids and very kindly gifted all kids a cute snack box and chocolates.
Children were very enthusiastic and learned the art very quickly and took home what they made in their ‘Thoppi’. Librarian Sushamma and Jeevodaya Nuns helped as always towards the success of the programme.
It was skillful fun time at Mathur and we thank the ‘Yuga Design’ friends for the benevolent help!


5th year Anniversary at Alphonsa Children's Library

We would like to share with you about the successful celebration of our 5th year Anniversary at Alphonsa Children's Library, Mathur on 10th March 2013. In the presence of eminent guests the function went on smoothly, well organised and conducted by our loving children.We had a big gathering this time with many of our Donors and friends who had taken time to be with us on that day.

Mr. Lena Tamilvanan, Famous Writer and Publisher presided over the function and spoke about bringingup children with encouragement and confidence. Mr. Manushyaputhiran, the popular Tamil poet and critic delivered an inspirational speech appreciating and motivating children to learn about life by reading books. Dr. Velusaravanan, Children Theatre Artist who appeared as a Special Guest kept the children spell bound and captivated with his beautiful show Kadal Bootham. In the show he expressed the need to encourage and understand freedom of imagination in a child .
Our library children showed their excellent talents in Yoga, dance and speeches storytelling.
The ‘CHUDAR’ magazine which was compiled by the library children was released by Mr. Lena Tamilvanan and the first copy was handed over to Mr. Manushyabuthiran.
Advesa Trust's minutes was read by Library children. We offered education scholarship to 7 candidates for the 2012- 13 academic years.
We are very glad that it was a big success and are very proud of the children who made it so with their sincere efforts.
Your continued support will be highly appreciated.


Summer Camp 2016 at Advesa Childrens Library

The Summer Camp at Advesa Trust went on well for five days with coordination by Funtist Mani, Ms. Meenakshi, and Librarian Sushama. Day 1 – Day 1 of the summer camp started with Drawing Class for Kids. Totally 28 students attended the class. Students had drawn pictures they liked and was guided by ADvesa Librarian, Ms. Sushama. Day 2 – Around 26 students attended Nail puzzle, Magic Nail, Fun Science experiments and Paper Chain activities demonstrated by Funtist Mr.Mani.


Advesa's Children Library steps into the 9th year!

A recap of 8th year with thanks to many kind-hearts! Scholarships: 10 ( school and college) Events: 2 science events by Funtist Mani; one Eco Kalam project in 2016


Tree Plantation and Science Experiments by Funtist Mani

Funtist Mani conducted a useful program for the kids of Advesa Trust during Pooja Holidays. This activity happened at the Jeevodhaya Hospice where Advesa has its rural library for kids. Funtist Mani, as part of the Eco Kalam 2020 initiative, helped the kids plant 14 plants and trees. The plants included coconut, rose, gooseberry, and herbal plants. The kids also learnt to make few toys like Helicopter toy. They also participated in 10 to 15 science experiments.

Richard, a storyteller told the salt story to kids. Other volunteers who came for the session were Saranya and Rajadurai. MS. Lally, trustee of Advesa, and Sushamma, Advesa Librarian, helped in coordinating the events. Thanks to Jeevodhaya and sisters for their kind support.


Seventh Annual day!

Successful completion of 7 years at Mathur culminated in a rather informal function on the 19th of April within Jeevodaya premises as always under the mango trees.

We were honored to have 'Kavanagar' Dr Kalai Chezhian and Intellectual property Attorney Mrs Brinda Mohan with us on that day. The programme was conducted and compered by the library members Subasree and Charumathi. Tamil thai vazhthu, welcome speech, reading minutes of Advesa Trust were done by the children. Children annual magazine 'Chudar" was released by the special guest. Then followed the magical memory performance by Dr Kalai Chezhian. It was awesome and mesmorising to see the power of concentration and memory along with multitasking. It indeed was a memorable programme for all.
This was followed by a short dance and few speeches by the children. Prizes were distributed to the Library achievers and the function ended with the thank you note by Divyabarathi.


What happened in 2014?

Dear Friends and Donors, Wish to recap and let you know what we did last year. Our main project , the children's Library at Mathur could be maintained with full strength and activities throughout the year. A big thanks to our librarian Mrs Sushamma and 'Jeevodaya'.The new additions were more books and two new computers (replacing the old ones which stopped working) donated to us through Mr.Rajan Sekri.

The 6th annual day was held in June 2014 in the Library itself. Our special guest was a very inspiring young girl Miss.Swarnalakshmi, Law Minister of State Child Parliament.She gave an impressive talk and her presence as such created an atmosphere of awe and motivation-to-achieve for the younger generation. The gathering was hall-full as always. Talented Library children performed various arts and the function got over with distribution of educational scholarship.
The Holiday activities were 3 days arts & craft workshop in Summer by the senior Artistes from Pondycherry Mr Tamil and Mr Kalai; one day Science with Fun by 'Funtist Mani' team in December and Pratham Books's reading session conducted by Mrs Sushamma.
Eight students were supported during the 2013-2014 academic year with Financial support for education. Its a pride that 6 of the children supported by us in the past have entered College by merit and two have finished Degree.
All mentioned above would not have happened without the support of our Donors and well-wishers. Our sincere thanks to all!


Breaking the silence!

Our website has been lying idle for a very long time without updates and we have our sleeves up now to keep it upto-date and lively. You may soon see the memoirs of the past events which you probably didnt get to see and share our photo moments with the Alphonsa Library children. There has been some problem with our Facebook account which will be rectified soon for better online sharing. Though website has been blank for almost a year, Advesa has been busy with the Library routines, Holiday programmes, scholarships and Chudar publishing.We hope to connect with you all, online and offline to continue the good work for the children!


Advesa Trust Conducts World Read Aloud Day

On the evening of 10th March, around 25 kids gathered at Advesa Trust's rural library for kids at Mathur. The children gathered to read aloud stories to celebrate the World Read Aloud Day that happened worldwide on 7th March. Five children read out stories. Swaathi read aloud the "Yakity Yak" story. Santhosh Kumar read "En Udal Pesuvathai Kelungal" Tamil story. Kavitha read "Nilaavum Thopiyum" Tamil Story. Charumathy read "Kazhugum Aanthaiyum" Tamil Story. Lokesh read "Noyutra Parunthu" Tamil story. Click www.facebook.com for event photos.
Pratham Books Champion Anitha Jebaraj coordinated the event. She gave inputs on how kids can improve their pronunciation, raise their reading volume/voice, and speak proper English or proper Tamil and not Tanglish! Many Thanks to Librarian Sushma for informing the children about the event. Thanks to Pratham Books and Litworld for giving the idea and a book for the event. Thanks to Jeevodaya for their hospitality.
Proud to inform that Litworld has put up one of Advesa Trust's WRAD photo as the first picture in their Facebook album.