Origami once more, on popular demand!

You might remember that our friends from ‘Yuga Design’ conducted an origami workshop for kids at Mathur in our Alphonsa Children’s library last year. It was such an interesting program that the kids wanted to do it again. Thanks to Saravanan, Vinodhini, Jegan, and Dilip all had fun-filled origami again on last Sunday Jan 20th.


5th year Anniversary at Alphonsa Children's Library

We would like to share with you about the successful celebration of our 5th year Anniversary at Alphonsa Children's Library, Mathur on 10th March 2013. In the presence of eminent guests the function went on smoothly, well organised and conducted by our loving children.We had a big gathering this time with many of our Donors and friends who had taken time to be with us on that day.


Summer Camp 2016 at Advesa Childrens Library

The Summer Camp at Advesa Trust went on well for five days with coordination by Funtist Mani, Ms. Meenakshi, and Librarian Sushama. Day 1 – Day 1 of the summer camp started with Drawing Class for Kids. Totally 28 students attended the class. Students had drawn pictures they liked and was guided by ADvesa Librarian, Ms. Sushama. Day 2 – Around 26 students attended Nail puzzle, Magic Nail, Fun Science experiments and Paper Chain activities demonstrated by Funtist Mr.Mani.


Advesa's Children Library steps into the 9th year!

A recap of 8th year with thanks to many kind-hearts! Scholarships: 10 ( school and college) Events: 2 science events by Funtist Mani; one Eco Kalam project in 2016



Tree Plantation and Science Experiments by Funtist Mani

Funtist Mani conducted a useful program for the kids of Advesa Trust during Pooja Holidays. This activity happened at the Jeevodhaya Hospice where Advesa has its rural library for kids. Funtist Mani, as part of the Eco Kalam 2020 initiative, helped the kids plant 14 plants and trees. The plants included coconut, rose, gooseberry, and herbal plants. The kids also learnt to make few toys like Helicopter toy. They also participated in 10 to 15 science experiments.


Seventh Annual day!

Successful completion of 7 years at Mathur culminated in a rather informal function on the 19th of April within Jeevodaya premises as always under the mango trees.



What happened in 2014?

Dear Friends and Donors, Wish to recap and let you know what we did last year. Our main project , the children's Library at Mathur could be maintained with full strength and activities throughout the year. A big thanks to our librarian Mrs Sushamma and 'Jeevodaya'.The new additions were more books and two new computers (replacing the old ones which stopped working) donated to us through Mr.Rajan Sekri.


Breaking the silence!

Our website has been lying idle for a very long time without updates and we have our sleeves up now to keep it upto-date and lively. You may soon see the memoirs of the past events which you probably didnt get to see and share our photo moments with the Alphonsa Library children. There has been some problem with our Facebook account which will be rectified soon for better online sharing. Though website has been blank for almost a year, Advesa has been busy with the Library routines, Holiday programmes, scholarships and Chudar publishing.