Funtist Mani's Simple Science Experiments for Advesa Kids


On Gandhi Jayanthi (Oct 2nd) Funtist Mani conducted interesting and simple science experiments for kids of Advesa Trust Alphonsa Library at Mathur. The show was by Mr M.Mani who makes science so simple for kids. He was accompanied by his friend Richard. It was a pleasure to know them both and the programme was something which we have never seen before.
There were around 60 children and the show started at 9.30 am. In the next few hours Mani made the kids understand the qualities of AIR, its presence, nature and the abilities in a very fun way. In simple spoken Tamil, Mani explained about AIR with the use of small bits of paper, paper cups, straws and a plastic bottle.
As the paper and straw did magic with air, all the kids watched with awe and attention throughout and enjoyed thoroughly. It was obvious that nobody ever told them that science could be so much fun. We the adults also became students again and tried our hands on the air magics.
Richard was the ‘Take a break’ man, who did lively stories in between, keeping the kids attentive and listening. The UPPUMA story during which kids had to raise their hands if they hear UPPU was funfilled and showed how a simple story can be made interesting.
The show ended with Mani showing how mind and hand work together in routine life. We are more than glad we got to know ‘Funtist’ Mani and our sincere thanks to his team. They also donated some very nice kids reading material and CDs for the library.
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We wish many schools adopt this way of teaching laying a stronger foundation for science. We thank social worker Ms. Prema Shankar for connecting us with Mani. You can read more about Mani and his work at


We Welcome Ms. Lally Ganesan to Advesa Board of Trustees

Lally Ganesan has joined Advesa Charitable Trust as a Trustee. We share the experience and expertise of Ms.Lally with you.
Lifelong dedication to supporting and improving the lives of children and women: since their lives are usually inseparably linked, working for one group naturally supports the other
Rich exposure of managing ambitious, large-scale developmental initiatives at national, regional and local levels related to child labor, women welfare, women/children issues.
• Energetic organizer with ability to harmonize multiple agencies (local, national, international) and manage projects aided by personal conviction and excellent planning/administrative skills
• Effective communicator with track record of developing ideas into viable proposals and raising funds/support by networking with governments, NGOs, trade unions, grass-root workers
• Master of Arts [Social Work], Graded Outstanding by University of Madras, Chennai 1977 – 1979
• Diploma in Labour & Administrative Law, Annamalai University, Chidambaram , India 1977 – 1979
• Founded her own organization –JOTHI, Chennai , India , 1985 – 1987
• Formed a development society for women and child welfare: handled projects for eliminating child labour, and initiated sponsorship scheme for children released from working in steel workshops


Artists and Organizations Associated with Advesa Charitable Trust

Advesa Charitable Trust has associated itself with lot of flourishing artists and altruistic organizations. We take great pleasure in sharing their names and information.
-> Jeevodhaya, Hospice for Cancer Patients -
-> St. Josephs Technical Institute, Pulianthope
-> Mactrics - A Mime and Body Theatre Group -
-> Mithran Foundation -
-> Yuga Design -
-> Ms.Paavai Bhanu, Puppetry -
-> Ms.Swahilya Shambavi, Yoga Guru -
-> Sri Arunodhayam -
-> Mr.Devarajan, Storyteller -
-> Ms.Parvathy Balasubramaniam, Sruthilaya Vidyalaya -
-> Ms. Uma Balakrishnan - Service without Borders, Annanagar
-> Dr. Iyamperumal,Director, Birla Planetorium -
-> Muttram Streetplay Troupe -
-> Zoho Corp
-> Murali's Mouna Raagam Events and Entertainment - Light Music Troupe

  • Jeevodhaya, Hospice for Cancer Patients -
  • -> St. Josephs Technical Institute, Pulianthope
  • -> Mactrics - A Mime and Body Theatre Group -



Thank You Dr. Iyamperumal - Our Chief Guest for 4th Annual Day

People of Advesa Trust were happy to hear the speech by Dr. Iyamperumal on our 4th Annual Day. We take great pleasure in sharing details about Dr.Iyamperumal's illustrious career. Dr. Iyamperumal is the Executive Director of the Birla Planetorium at Chennai. He has been associated with Birla Planetorium for the past 26 years. He is a PhD in Mechanical engineering from IIT Madras. He started his career in Madras Metropolitan Water Supply Board.
Dr. Iyamperumal has travelled worldwide and visited West Germany, China, Srilanka, and Hongkong. He has published and presented many papers at the National and International level. He has organised many science exhibitions and workshops. So, he was awarded “Science Popularisation Award” with citation by Government of Tamilnadu during February 28, 2001 National Science Day Celebrations. He holds honarary post as Secretary TAMILNADU ASTRONOMY ASSOCIATION and Secretary MADRAS SCIENCE ASSOCIATION.


Muttram StreetPlay Troupe - Our Special Guest for 4th Annual Day

People with Advesa were happy to see the one hour performance of Muttram StreetPlay Toupe on our 4th Annual Day on 28th April. We take great pleasure in sharing details of Muttram troupe.
Muttram Troupe was formed on Nov 25, 2009. It was started by Prof. Ravindran, HOD of Journalism and Communication, Madras University. Muttram is an all-student troupe and the 4th batch is currently active. Venu Gopal engira Aadalarasu is the Secretary and Trainer. The troupe was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor Thiruvasakam. Sahayaraj is now the President of Muttram.
Muttram performs Street plays, Folk dance and Folk songs. They visit slums and perform for the underprivileged kids. They visit the tribals who live in mountains. They perform as well as learn the dying art forms of the Tribals. Once a year, a Japanese cultural team visits the University to perform. Muttram performs during this intercultural communication event. The Muttram team would have done more than 50 shows so far. You can reach Muttram team at


Chudar 2012 - A Magazine for Kids by Kids

Happy and proud to share the online version of Chudar 2012. This edition of Chudar was written by the kids of both Alphonsa and DonBosco library.To read the stories, see the cartoons, and the list of our donors and volunteers, click here


Thank you all for making our fourth Annual day an enjoyable one!

Despite the traffic on Bypass road causing a delayed start our fourth annual day was a great success. The delay was probably for good as the sun had mellowed down a bit and there was more shade under the Mango trees of Jeevodaya. This time too we did not give up the concept of maintaining the green surrounding and used the front-yard as the stage.
The crowd was larger than last time with more new members of library participating. Around 120 kids were there as audience and performers. The programme was compeered by Alphonsa library members Varsha (10th Std) and Santhosh (8th Std). Function started with the Tamilthai Vazhthu sung by the kids. Minutes of the Advesa trust was read by the Trustee Mr.R.Subramoniam when he expressed thanks to all the donors and well-wishers. Then the Chief Guest Dr.P.Iyamperumal (Executive Director, Tamilnadu Science and Technical Center) gave a short speech in Tamil when he stressed on nurturing good habits and encouraging creativity in children so that they bring out their best in their life. He also appreciated the Trust’s intention to motivate reading habit in children as reading can help them to scale great heights. Then the Educational scholarship was presented to seven children by the Chief Guest when the Managing Trustee Dr C. Shanthi spoke about each child and encouraged them. Special token gifts were given to the Librarians Mrs. Sushamma and Miss. Rebecca with a note of thanks. The pride of the children, Fourth issue of CHUDAR magazine was released by Retd Teacher Mr.S.Chidambarathanu and received by Dr.P.Iyamperumal.
Varsha then welcomed the most anticipated MUTTRAM team (Student group from Dept of Media and Journalism, Madras University) to perform. Mr. Peter Raj spoke on behalf of the group describing their passion to nurture the dying arts of folklore despite their busy schedules and studies. In the next 30 minutes they kept the children glued to their performance through songs, dances and stories. Children thoroughly enjoyed the sing along, the action filled ‘Yakinaki nova’ song and the finale dance with ‘Parai’ beats. The library children’s performances followed this. Their Yoga, dance, singing (by the tiny Allen) and short speeches impressed the guests. Appreciation gifts for reading was given to Santhosh and Charumathi from Mathur.
The function ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Yamini (ex-member of the library and scholarship recipient) and the National anthem sung by everyone.


Yuga Design Conducts Crafts Workshop for Advesa Trust Kids

On April 21st, Yuga Design staff conducted a crafts workshop for 120 kids at Advesa Charitable Trust's rural library at Mathur. The day started with lunch. Yuga people distributed vegetable bringi and curd rice packets. Children's Day Celebrations at DonBosco Library on 13th November The Children's Day celebration at Advesa's Donbosco Children Library at Basinbridge was filled with fun and enthusiasm. 65 children from both the Advesa libraries (Mathur and Basinbridge) attended the function held on Nov 13th evening. The programme was compered by the young Basinbridge Library member Janardhanan (11th Std) and conducted with the help of the librarians Mrs Sushamma and Ms. Rebecca. We have been trying to involve kids in organizing events so that they get used to coordinating and more.

Pooja Celebrations at Alphonsa Library of Advesa Trust

Forty kids attended Pooja celebrations at Mathur Library on 5th, October. Kids told lot of stories. Advesa Trust founder Dr.Shanthi told the kids that knowledge is the only wealth that never perishes or leaves us. Blogger Anitha sang two devotional songs and told Pratham Books story "Subbu, the Signal". Sweets and Pori was distributed to all the kids. Advesa scholarship students from college and high school helped us. Librarian Sushamma was the organizer and she did a good job again!
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Yuga Design Conducts Crafts Workshop For Advesa Trust Kids

On April 21st, Yuga Design staff conducted a crafts workshop for 120 kids at Advesa Charitable Trust's rural library at Mathur. The day started with lunch. Yuga people distributed vegetable bringi and curd rice packets.
The kids got crayon boxes and sample pictures. Then they painted beautiful designs using crayons. Next, the kids learnt to make Nehru cap using newspapers. Then they made birds and shirt with color paper. Thanks to Vinodhini, Gautham, Guru, Sucheta, Jagan, and Saravanan for conducting the origami and painting workshop. Thanks to librarian Sushamma for informing the kids and maintaining discipline.
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