2nd Annual Day


Dear friends and wellwishers, With warm regards from Advesa we welcome you all to the second annual day of our first rural library at Mathur to be held on 25th April, 2010. Your presence will be an encouragement to us and an inspiration to our children. Looking forward to having you with us. Kindly contact us for any details


Our Newsletter!

Dear friends, We are so glad to present to you our first newsletter online. It is also special as this happens when our first rural children's library is completing 2 years successfully. We take this opportunity to thank you all once again for the support. And our special thanks to Mrs.Anitha Job who designed the newsletter for us.


Alphonsa library completed its second year !

Alphonsa chilren's library completed its second year with a current membership of 266 on march 2nd 2010. Thanking you all for the great support. We have planned to celebrate our 2nd annual day function in april or may. The date will be announced soon. The Chudar 2nd issue will be released on the annual day function.
Current Year Plans:
* Continuation of academic scholarship support for Nandhini ( B Com), Yamini (B Com) and Dheenadhayalan (10th Std) for academic year 2010- 2011
* Selection of 3 scholarship candidates for year 2010-2011 by this summer. Already applications are in.
* Establishing our second rural library in the chennai suburb. Project proposal is on the way!


January 31st Holiday Programme

We had a fruitful January gathering on the 31st. The December programme that got postponed due to rains at Mathur was conducted on this date. More than 50 children attended the function.
Story telling, poem recital, 'Kural Urai' and short speeches were carried out in a very eloquent manner by our library members. Trustees Shanthi and Subramonium conducted the programme with the help of Librarian Sushamma and Jeevodaya sisters. All the children who performed were appreciated with useful gifts. Our volunteer and special guest Mrs Anitha enchanted the kids with her singing.
The childrens performances was followed by th 'Advesa awareness programme' showing educative videos on prevention of Rheumatic heart disease and on cleanliness. All the kids very sincerely watched what Late Dr Solomen victor had made a century back wishing to get rid of the disease. This is Advesa's fourth successful awareness programme since the inception.


We feel very encouraged!

More donations are coming in from many philanthropic hearts! We feel very encouraged.... Thanks to our new donors

  • Mrs.Revathy
  • Mrs. Saroja Dinakaran
  • Mr.Venkatramani
  • Miss.Lakshmi
  • Dr.Premsekar
  • Dr.Soma Guharthakurtha
  • Dr.Thara Francis
  • Dr.Parimala Bai
  • Dr.G.N.Prasad



Chuddar 2011 Magazine by Advesa Trust Library Kids is Online Now!

On the Third Annual Day of Advesa Trust, Dr. Soma released the first copy of Chuddar magazine and Story Teller Devarajan received it. This edition of Chuddar is very special as children from both the Basinbridge library and Mathur library have contributed articles. The magazine stories, poems, and arts are a complete handiwork of kids and only design and print is taken care of by the trustees.
Satish of Thirdware Solutions, Chennai, has sponsored this edition of Chuddar magazine. DSP printers have printed all the copies at a reduced price. Advesa Trust extends its heartfelt thanks to Mr.Satish and DSP printers.
Click on the link to view the Chuddar magazine online.


Third Annual Day Celebrations at Mathur on 30th April, 2011

Please find attached the Advesa Third Annual Day invitation. Hope to see you all with family and friends on 30th April at Alphonsa Children's Library "Jeevodaya", 1/272, Kamrajar Salai, Mathur, Chennai.


Quarterly holiday awareness programme

We invite you all to our Quarterly holiday awareness programme for kids to be held on October 2nd in our new library at Pulianthopu, Chennai. This is an informal programme conducted regularly by our trust during the school holidays. These programmes give happiness, motivation and encouragement to our library kids and us.
As we have two libraries now, from this year onwards the programmes will cover both the groups. This time it is going to be held in the Donbosco Children's Library at Pulianthopu with the Mathur Library kids beiing brought in.
The programme is on 2nd October, saturday 9.30 to 11.30am. Venue: DonBosco children Library by Advesa charitable Trust, D Castor Road, Basin Bridge ( route: Nataraj theatre pulianthopu, reach RTO office, beyond RTO office ask for Madha Covil-St joesph's tech institute). We look forward to your support and encouragement.

Annual Day Report


A report on Alphonsa Children's Library Annual Day, April 19th 2009 Venue: Library premises, Jeevodaya 1/272, Kamaraj Road, Mathur, Chennai 600068. Time: 3.30 to 5.30 pm Presided over by: Dr Raghavan Subramonyan, HOD, Cardiology, Frontier Lifeline Dr KM Cherian Heart Foundation, Chennai.
Chief Guest:
Mr.S.Iyyappan, Founder Sriarunodayam (Home for mentally challenged children), Kollathur
Special Guest:
Ms.R.Bhanumathi (Founder, Pavai center for puppetry, Chennai)
Function began with prayer song sung by library members.
Program compeering was done by E.Yamini and Kalaivani (12th std).
Advesa trustee Mr.R.Subramonian welcomed the guests and audience.
Advesa managaing trustee Dr.C.Shanthi read the annual report of the library and mentioned about the current and future projects of Advesa.
Dr.Raghavan Subramonian who presided over the function spoke about the important role of library in improving the knowledge of children, especiallyfemale literacy rate and encouraged the trust and children more.
Mr.S.Iyyappan aprreciated the work done by Advesa and the Mathur children for effectively utilizing it. The magazine made completely by the library children 'Chudar' was released by Mr.Iyyappan and received by Rev.Sr.Lalitha Theresa.
Ms.R.Bhanumathi presented a wonderful puppet show capturing the children's undivided attention for an half an hour through which she could teach them about pollution control, wildlife protection, environment preservation and many other facts.
We are more than glad we chose them to inspire our library children by their presence, profession and thoughts.
Advesa Scholarships were presented to chosen children by the dignitaries. Four children E.Yamini, Nandhini, Kalaivani and Deenadhayalan received for education for academic year 2009 to 2010 and one child Chitra received for medical aid to improve her vision. This was followed by donation of computers to 3 NGOs (BUDS, Jeevodaya and Idhaya counseling project) by Mr.Sathish of Thirdware Solutions ltd through Advesa.
Then the library members showcased their talents with dances, songs, short speeches, thirukural thelivurai and spoke about what they learned from the library impressing the audience with their talents.
Now we have a long list of children who need support, request or establish rural libraried in other areas and hope in many hearts for more help. We need a consistent support by the society to fulfill the dreams of many children.
Thanks to our donors!
Dr.Usha Raghavan
Mrs.Priya Jebakaran
Dr.S.Julia Sharmathy
Dr.Soma Guhathakurta
Mrs.Revathy Vijayakumar
Dr.Raghavan Subramonyan
Our Special thanks
'Jeevodaya' for supporting all our activities.
Mrs. Nisha Kamesh without whom this website wouldn't have happened.
(Late) Dr.Victor Soloman, Dr. Vijaya Nayak and Mr.Muthukumaran (Rotarian) for producing and donating the educative CDs.
Mrs. Varalakshmi for helping us in our tamil version notices and shows.
Mr.Ravi (DSP Printers)


2nd Chudar magazine released

The second annual magazine of alphonsa children's library "CHUDAR" was released on April 25th, 2010. It a magazine for children by children.